Transforming Rhode's Beverly Hills Headquarters: Featuring Everhem Drapery

Rhode's headquarters in Beverly Hills embodies a unique vision: to create a space that blends chic sophistication with a nurturing environment for creativity and tranquility among the team. This vision is not just a space, but a physical manifestation of the Rhode brand: intentional, minimalistic, and monochromatic.

Before Rhode took over the location, it was characterized by concrete, dark woods, and black metal accents. With the expertise of Erik Garcia of Maison Trouvaille, the office underwent a complete overhaul, incorporating androgynous features, repurposed furniture, and warm aesthetics.

Featuring Everhem:

Erick Garcia of Maison Trouvaille recognized the importance of incorporating high-quality drapery to achieve the desired ambiance and successfully curated a space that not only reflects Rhode's brand identity but also encourages creativity and tranquility among its team members.

The Design Elements:

Furniture: A significant portion of the furniture was upcycled, including desks, tables, and kitchen cabinets, giving new life to existing pieces. Desks and cabinetry were meticulously finished with high-gloss and matte paints, along with opaque acrylic materials.

Walls: Lime-washed walls were introduced to create textural contrast and enhance the monochromatic aesthetic, inspired by Rhode's own packaging finish.

Smoked Bronze Mirror: The mirror's color palette draws inspiration from Rhode's Peptide Lip Tint in Espresso, adding a touch of continuity and branding to the office design.

Rhode Products: Rhode's products were intentionally showcased throughout the office, with a particular emphasis on new releases to keep the display dynamic and ever-evolving.

Drapery: Sheer drapery adds texture and softness providing more control over the amount of light and privacy desired.

You can read more about the Rhode office transformation online at Vogue.


Interior Design Firm: Maison Trouvaille

Furniture/Accessories: Arhaus, Forom Shop, Lightology, Poppin, and Portola Paints

Drapery: Everhem