This Actress Waited Until Her Daughter Was Born to Decorate the Nursery

When Jaime Ray Newman brought her newborn daughter, Alma, home from the hospital, the nursery didn’t even have a crib. “It took us a very long time to have a baby after years of heartbreak,” explains the producer and actress, “so my husband and I decided to literally do nothing until Alma was born and safe and healthy. We finally had her via our wonderful surrogate.”

This made the room an extra-special project—and one that needed to be done right away. “I called Haley Weidenbaum frantically saying, ‘Help! I need a nursery ASAP,’” remembers the Ray Newman. “And because Haley is my soul designer and we’ve been working together for years, we already had a shorthand.” The designer promptly got to work designing a space that would suit the baby as much as the parents.

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