The Everhem Team's Favorite Places in Malibu

Follow along as the Everhem team takes you to their favorite places in Malibu! We created our very own California dream with the Malibu Woven Woods collection inspired by many of the places shared below!

Co founder, Haley’s favorite place in Malibu is none other than Paradise Cove. This spot helps her relive memories of flying kites, boogie boarding, and enjoying popsicles as a kid with her family. When Haley thinks of the quintessential Southern California coastline, Paradise Cove is always the first thought that comes to mind. When creating the Malibu Collection, She immediately envisioned the water hitting the rocks that meet the bluffs and how the bluffs get their shapes from the ocean’s current causing erosion over time. The natural terrain left us with the most beautiful coastline and the inspiration behind the Malibu Woven Woods Collection featuring Bluff and Dune.

Paradise Cove

Adam, co-founder of Everhem, finds himself drawn to his favorite spot in Malibu, the Getty Villa. Strolling around, taking in the art and architecture while sipping a latte is his ideal Saturday with the family. Adam would let Privacy Lined Bluff live in his office so the natural tones help take him back to when he walks across the travertine stone path, feeling the Malibu breeze cool him off in the beating sunlight.

Getty Villa

Dayna, our Director of Strategy and Operations, loves exploring the trails in Malibu when she makes her way up from San Diego for a visit. One of her favorite spots is the Point Dume Cove Trail - getting plenty of fresh air along the cliffside path that overlooks the ocean, followed by the perfect post-hike award, the beautiful Malibu beach. There she loves to relax in the sun and unwind on the weekend with her husband and son. Dayna pictures the Malibu Collection through her kitchen in Unlined Dune. It would allow the golden warmth of the morning sun in while she sips her first cup of coffee for the day transcending her for a moment to those Malibu views and beaches.

Point Dume Cove Trail

Molly’s, who handles all things brand and partnerships, favorite spot in Malibu was almost too hard to pick. From some of the best beaches to Malibu Yogurt, she landed on her favorite Malibu spot, the Summer Somewhere Wines Tasting Room outside of Fred Segal Malibu. Molly finds the Malibu collection lends itself perfectly to nearly every room in her home. She envisions privacy lined Malibu Woven Woods in Bluff for her living room to warm up the space and block the afternoon sun as she pours herself a crisp glass of Summer Somewhere rosé. Does it get much better than that?!

Summer Somewhere Wines Tasting Room

Breana, who handles Everhem socials, finds comfort in exploring and stumbling upon local beaches and hidden Malibu gems. Her favorite spot in Malibu is the Point Dume Nature Reserve. The smells, sounds, and colors of the coastline create the perfect space to reflect, relax, and escape the noise of LA. Breana envisions Privacy Lined Dune in her bedroom as a reminder that home should be a tranquil space and loves the idea of the sunlight shining through creating the magical “golden hour” all day.

Point Dume Nature Preserve

Natalie, who handles Everhem socials, is an LA native and feels most at peace when she and a few friends lounge at a local, private quiet Malibu beach. Growing up in the chaos of city life, Natalie chooses to slow down by walking the steps that lead to her favorite spot in Malibu, Lechuza Beach. She loves the idea of Unlined Woven Woods in Bluff, for her kitchen window so she can always feel that same serenity while cooking her favorite meals.

Lechuza Beach

Nina, our Trade Manager, spends her weekends at her favorite spot, the Malibu Country Mart. A sun hat and a pair of comfortable sandals are all she needs to shop, eat, and soak in the Malibu sun. Nina would have Blackout Dune, in her bedroom. She loves the thought of bringing in the natural elements that resemble Malibu beaches to help her rest and unwind after a busy day out and about.

Malibu Country Mart

Lisa, our Customer Experience Manager, lives miles away from Malibu, but when she’s in town, she makes her way to her favorite spot, Broad Street Oyster. The famous Lobster Roll is a must have when driving the Pacific Coast Highway. She would have Unlined Bluff all around her dining room to take her back to her favorite Malibu memories!

Broad Street Oyster

We thoughtfully sourced this new collection to offer an organic look. With an intentional natural and handcrafted feel, Bluff and Dune are ideal options when bringing the outside in or capturing the feeling of nature in your home. Which would you choose, Bluff or Dune?