Stripes & Trim, The Roundup

Introducing Stripes & Trim, a collection of fabrics for Drapery and Roman Shades. Available in four color ways, Ivory, Oyster, Petal and Denim, offering a special touch to your space. We carefully curated our Stripes & Trim selection to include two neutrals and two pops of color providing options for everyone, anywhere.

Stripes & Trim, available in four color ways: Ivory, Oyster, Petal and Denim

Ivory and Oyster allow you to use neutral tones in any room with an added element of design. Providing the ultimate versatility, our neutral tones shine in any space - from primary suites to laundry rooms and kitchen nooks.

Ivory Stripe Tailored Drapery and Oyster Trim Privacy Lined Roman Shades

Petal and Denim are great for rooms you are looking to add that subtle pop of color. Think kitchens, powder rooms and nurseries.

Petal Trim Privacy Lined Roman Shades and Denim Stripe Privacy Lined Roman Shades

IVORY: A creamy off-white that conveys the feeling of your coziest, freshly cleaned bedsheets that you could lay in all day.

like freshly laundered sheets, boucle reading chair and worn pages of your favorite book

OYSTER: As fresh as an oyster straight from the sea with an old fashioned-elegance.

like freshly shucked oysters, vintage elegance and grey and white Turkish towels

PETAL: Reminiscent of a perfectly bloomed bundle of petal pink flowers to fill your home with warmth and love.

like pink petals, strawberry ice cream and a bundle of bloomed, blush roses

DENIM: Your favorite pair of jeans, perfectly worn and feels essentially like home.

like crushed blueberries, deep ocean swells and your perfectly worn in jeans