Why Cafe Curtains are a Must Have

The easiest way to add a little charm to your home is with Everhem Cafe Curtains! They're perfect for your breakfast nook, kitchen window or any little corner in your home that could use a cozy element. Choose between our three sheer options: Moon, Bone and Pebble.

Moon, a bright white
Bone, a softer white
Pebble, an earthy neutral

With timeless elegance and functional design, cafe curtain window treatments have become a popular choice among designers. Let's explore why you should consider embracing these lovely window treatments in your own home.

Classic Charm: Inspired by the quaint cafes of Paris, these curtains allow natural light to flood in while still offering functionality. The simplicity and delicate design of cafe curtains create an ambiance that is both cozy and inviting.

Cafe Curtains in Moon

The Perfect Balance: Cafe curtains strike an ideal balance between privacy and natural light. By covering only the lower portion of the window, they allow ample sunlight to enter the room while still providing privacy. This feature makes cafe curtains an excellent choice for areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces where you want to maintain privacy without sacrificing the bright and airy feel that natural light brings.

Cafe Curtains in Moon

Easy Maintenance: Another advantage of Cafe Curtains is their ease of maintenance. Unlike full-length drapes or blinds, Cafe Curtains are typically shorter in length, making them less prone to dust and dirt accumulation. They are generally lightweight and easy to remove for washing or replacement. This convenience ensures that your window treatments stay fresh and well-maintained with minimal effort.

Cafe Curtains in Moon

Create a cozy ambiance for your home with Everhem Cafe Curtains! Want to see our fabrics in real life? order FREE swatches to take the next step in choosing dreamy Cafe Curtains.