Perfect Paint Colors and Everhem Fabric Combinations for Your Home

When it comes to home decor, few things are as transformative as the combination of paint colors and window treatments. The right pairing can create a harmonious, stylish, and inviting space that reflects your personality and design preferences. Read on for tips and tricks on the art of selecting paint colors that beautifully complement Everhem's Essentials Collection fabrics, including Moon, Bone, Pebble, Sand, Birch, Fawn, Ash, Storm, and Rose. Let's discover how these fabric-color combinations can elevate your home decor.

Quick Tips & Tricks

COLOR & HARMONY: Visually Pleasing Pairings

When choosing paint colors to complement your Everhem fabric, think about creating a harmonious color palette. This means selecting colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. For instance, if you have Everhem's Pebble drapery, which has warm gray undertones, consider pairing it with a paint color in the same family, like a light taupe or soft mushroom. This creates a sense of cohesion and balance in your space, making it visually pleasing and inviting.

COLOR TEMPERATURE: Cool and Warm Tones

Understanding color temperature is key to achieving the right ambiance. Cool tones, such as blues and grays, have a calming effect, while warm tones, like reds and yellows, create a cozy atmosphere. To maintain harmony, ensure that your paint color's temperature aligns with your Everhem fabric. For example, if your drapery is the cool and airy Moon shade, opt for a paint color with similar cool undertones. This pairing will create a seamless transition from your walls to your window treatments, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

COLOR CONTEXT: Surroundings Can Alter the Appearance of a Color

Keep in mind that the colors in your room, including furniture, flooring, and decor, can influence how a paint color appears. The same paint color may appear slightly different in various rooms due to lighting and surroundings. Therefore, it's crucial to test paint samples in the specific room where you plan to use them, and observe how they interact with your Everhem fabric. This ensures that the color context enhances the beauty and cohesion of your space.

MATCH YOUR TONE: Selecting a Similar Color Tone for Everhem Window Treatments

To create a sense of unity and flow in your home decor, consider matching the color tone of your paint with your Everhem window treatments. If your chosen paint color is a warm tone, like a creamy beige or soft terracotta, opt for Everhem fabrics that share those warm undertones, such as Bone, Sand, or Fawn. Similarly, if your paint color is a cool tone, like a tranquil blue or cool gray, select Everhem fabrics with matching cool undertones, like Moon or Pebble. This consistency in tone ensures that your paint and window treatments complement each other seamlessly, resulting in a harmonious and polished interior design.

Remember, the key to successful pairings is balance and personal preference. While these tips provide a helpful starting point, don't be afraid to experiment and trust your instincts. Your home is a reflection of your unique style, and the combination of paint colors and Everhem fabrics should ultimately make you feel comfortable, happy, and at ease in your space. By considering color harmony, temperature, context, and tone, you'll be well on your way to creating a stunning and cohesive interior that you'll love to call home.

Everhem’s Favorite Paint & Fabric Pairings

Moon and Serene Blues

Everhem's Moon fabric, a soft and versatile shade of white, pairs wonderfully with serene blues. Consider painting your walls in a gentle sky blue or a tranquil aqua to create a peaceful and airy ambiance. Moon's neutral elegance enhances the calming effect of these blues, making it perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any room where relaxation is key.

Bone and Earthy Greens, Pebble and Soft Taupes, Sand and Warm Neutrals

Bone, with its warm undertones, harmonizes beautifully with earthy greens. Think mossy greens, sage, or olive tones on your walls. This combination creates a grounded and nature-inspired look that's ideal for living rooms and dining areas. It brings a touch of the outdoors inside, making your space feel fresh and rejuvenating.

Pebble, a gentle and neutral taupe, pairs effortlessly with soft grays for an elegant monochromatic look. Consider painting your walls a shade darker or lighter than Pebble for a layered effect. This combination works well in bedrooms and home offices, where you want to create a sophisticated yet calming atmosphere.

Sand's warm and inviting tone complements other warm neutrals like beige or caramel. These colors on your walls create a cozy and welcoming environment, perfect for family rooms or kitchens. Sand and warm neutrals add depth and richness to your space, making it feel like a comforting retreat.

Birch and Cool Neutrals, Ash and Muted Pastels, Storm and Bold Accents

Birch, with its cool and crisp demeanor, pairs seamlessly with cool neutrals like light gray or icy blue. Painting your walls in these shades enhances the modern and clean aesthetic that Birch embodies. This combination is excellent for contemporary living spaces and home offices where simplicity and sophistication are key.

Ash, with its cool undertones, pairs elegantly with muted pastels like soft lavender, blush pink, or misty blue. These gentle hues on your walls create a dreamy and romantic ambiance, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms and nurseries. Ash and muted pastels evoke a sense of serenity and charm.

Storm, a deep and dramatic gray, is the ideal backdrop for bold accent walls. Consider painting one wall in a striking color like deep navy, emerald green, or fiery red. This combination adds a sense of drama and personality to your space, making it perfect for eclectic and artistic areas like playrooms or home offices.

Rose and Soft Whites

Rose's delicate and sophisticated charm pairs gracefully with soft whites on your walls. This combination creates a timeless and elegant look that's perfect for dining rooms and formal living areas. Rose and soft whites bring a touch of refinement and grace to your space.

Remember that natural light, room size, and personal preferences play a significant role in how paint colors and fabric combinations will appear in your home. It's essential to test samples in your space and observe them at different times of the day to ensure they meet your expectations.

The synergy between paint colors and Everhem's Essentials Collection fabrics offers endless possibilities to elevate your home decor. Whether you prefer serene and tranquil vibes or bold and dramatic statements, there's a perfect combination waiting to transform your space into a reflection of your unique style and taste. So, get creative, experiment with color, and let your home shine with the perfect paint and fabric pairings.