Meet Our Founders!

Everhem was born and raised in Los Angeles by Adam and Haley Weidenbaum! Together the couple created Everhem, an online custom window covering product building experience guided by the design principles of one of LA’s top interior designers.

All of Haley's life she's been naturally drawn to making a space feel like a home. She started with her childhood bedroom, then her dorm room and eventually her first home when she realized her passion for interior design. That passion turned into her career as an interior designer and she fell in love with helping her clients transform their spaces and achieve their design goals.

Did you know? Before Haley started on her interior design path, she was in hospitality. She worked in hotel sales and believes her experiences with different types of hotel guests shaped Everhem's customer experience that you see today!

Adam started out as a graphic designer who specialized in branding and marketing. He used his branding background to help conceptualize Haley's idea and the Everhem website.

After a decade of being in the interior design industry, Haley had an 'aha' moment! She realized just about every client needed custom window treatments but was no stranger to just how difficult that task was. Haley quickly developed a playbook for designing beautiful, custom Drapery, Roman Shades, Woven Woods and Cafe Curtains. She understood many other interior designers were in the same position and wanted to offer the industry a simpler way to design custom window treatments with easier access to window treatment experts.

Window treatments can often be overlooked or forgotten about. At Everhem, we see them as incredibly useful and impactful. Not only are they the perfect finishing touch to your space, but everyone has a need for them. Whether you desire privacy from neighbors, darker rooms for better rest, or even to help stay energy efficient by keeping the cold or heat out, window treatments are a simple answer.

With the mission of positively changing the perception of window treatments, we value our seamless web experience that's both simple and personal!

Did you know? The Everhem name was conceived by Adam and Haley while they were on vacation in Stockholm, Sweden. "Hem" is the Swedish word for "home", so the double meaning of the Swedish and English “hem” played nicely for a hand sewn product array and the inclusion of the word “ever” speaks to the idea that the products are of lasting quality and for your “forever home.”

Everhem is here to redesign the world of window treatments by threading together curated offerings, a simplified process and an experience to remember!