Made in Los Angeles: from Our Workroom to Your Doorstep!

Los Angeles is known for its diverse and thriving design community. What better place for Everhem to be based and sourced than LA? Co-founder, Haley, recently visited the local workroom to learn even more on how we can provide the best quality window treatments.

Haley chats with the workroom team as we walk through the process of bringing Everhem to life.
We got front row seats to see the precision it takes to make perfect pleats!
Haley was able to measure and test Motorized Woven Woods before heading to the packaging station.
We saw up-close the intricate details behind quality window coverings.
Safely packaged and delivered to your door nationwide.
We love seeing the finished product make our customers and their windows happy!

From start to finish, Everhem strives to bring you the best quality and service. Start hemming your home today!