Everhem's Recommendations for Choosing Lining

Lining can make a bigger difference than you realize! Everhem offers 3 types of lining: Unlined, Privacy and Blackout. We recommend asking yourself when and where you'll be using your window treatments before choosing your desired lining.


Unlined window treatments are perfect for areas you want to keep bright and open. Keep in mind this option is ideal when privacy in not a concern. We often see Unlined in rooms like kitchens, breakfast nooks or even balconies.

Unlined Woven Woods in Khaki
Cafe Curtains in Bone Sheers


Privacy Lining is what we like to call "the best of both worlds". If you're looking for soft sunlight and privacy all at the same time, this lining is the best option for you. Utilize Privacy Lining in common areas like family rooms, home offices and bathrooms.

Privacy Lined Drapery in Sand
Privacy Lined Drapery in Bone and Woven Woods in Khaki


Blackout Lining is the ideal option when blocking the most amount of light and privacy are your top priorities. Consider Blackout for spaces like bedrooms, nurseries or home theaters.

Blackout Roman Shades in Moon
Blackout Woven Woods in Seashell

Whether you choose Drapery, Roman Shades or Woven Woods, make sure you keep in mind how lining can play a part in function and design. We're always here to help! Email hello@everhem.com with any questions or concerns, and a window treatment expert from the Everhem team will be there to guide you!