Layered Window Treatments: An Everhem Solution to Better Sleep

Everhem has a solution to help the sleepers that are sensitive to light. Our secret to achieving optimal darkness is layering window treatments. Pairing Shades and Drapery allow you to let light in during the day and have not one, but two layers to ensure a good night's sleep! One solution, pair Blackout Shades to go with Blackout Drapery. This combination is key to achieving nearly total darkness during the day or night by covering where light would peekthrough if you just had Drapery or Shades.

Blackout Woven Woods in Bluff paired with Blackout Drapery in Petal Stripe

Another option is a Privacy Lined Shade with Blackout Drapery. Convenient versatility comes with this combination. Privacy Lined Shades will allow filtered light to come through during the day yet provides an extra layer of darkness when your Blackout Drapery is drawn closed. This pair is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds.

Privacy Lined Woven Woods in Khaki paired with Blackout Drapery in Moon

Just like bedding, window treatments can play an important part of ones quality of sleep. Explore Everhem's full room darkening options, and say goodbye to restless nights!