Interior Design Tips from our Founder, Haley!

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Your journey to creating the perfect home begins as soon as the ink dries on your new property papers. The excitement of homeownership sparks the imagination, and the prospect of turning your house into a dream. Amid all the design decisions you'll make, none are as pivotal as choosing the right window treatments.Our Founder and Interior Designer, Haley Weidenbaum shared her invaluable interior design insights with us, to help you navigate the world of window coverings.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

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1. What's Your Home's Overall Design Theme?

Before diving into window treatment choices, it's crucial to align them with your home's design style. Window treatments, like flooring and color palettes, play a pivotal role in setting the tone of a room. Whether you're envisioning a coastal Cape Cod escape or a traditionally timeless space, your selections should exude timelessness. Opt for quality fabric and custom sizing to ensure longevity and adaptability to evolving design preferences.

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2. Is Your Window Suited for Shades or Drapes?

The size and shape of your windows significantly influence the type of window treatment that works best. Shades excel when they're custom-fit for small, elevated, or multi-sectional windows. Conversely, drapes shine when cascading over expansive, tall, or multi-sectional windows. Embrace creativity by combining shades and drapes, employing the layered approach to add depth, privacy, and sophistication to your design.

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3. Which Mounting Style Is Ideal: Inside or Outside?

The decision between inside-mount and outside-mount shades hinges on your window's trim. Wide, decorative trim is a canvas worth showcasing with an inside mount. Conversely, outside mounting exposes the window pane fully, a suitable choice for windows with plain or narrow molding. Remember, at least one inch of depth is needed for inside-mounted shades.

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4. How Much Privacy Do You Need?

Privacy needs vary throughout your home. Bedrooms and bathrooms demand maximum privacy, achieved with blackout window treatments. Meanwhile, communal spaces like the kitchen thrive with ample natural light. Customize your privacy by adding linings, offering versatility from light-filtering to blackout.

Expert Styling Tips for Your Home's Window Coverings

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1. Think Big Picture

While decorating room by room, keep the grand vision of your entire home in mind. Window treatments should complement and contribute to your home's overarching design style. Subtle touches can accumulate to create a cohesive, impactful design. Avoid overpowering a room with bold patterns, heavy fabrics, or diverse hardware. Instead, let small, subtle details coalesce into a harmonious whole.

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2. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to achieving a unified design style. While fabric choices may vary, maintain coherence by selecting harmonious color palettes. Everhem offers a spectrum of neutral tones that effortlessly blend. Consistency extends to pleat styles, ensuring a uniform appearance throughout your home. Likewise, matching hardware styles and finishes fosters design harmony.

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3. Consider Curb Appeal

Window treatments can influence your home's exterior aesthetics. Front-facing rooms benefit from uniform window treatments, enhancing curb appeal. Consistency in front-facing windows, such as drapery on all, provides visual symmetry. Yet, with Everhem's versatile products, there are no wrong choices, as all seamlessly integrate with one another.

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Settle In

Your quest for the perfect home has culminated in your new abode. Now, with Everhem, we aim to simplify decorating decisions, like selecting window treatments, making them as effortless as possible. Armed with these expert design tips, you'll breeze through the process. If questions arise or you need a neutral party to resolve a design dispute, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Explore our Inspiration Journal for more design ideas and embark on your design journey with confidence.