Hem Sweet Hem: An Inside Look of Stephanie Beatriz's Home

Welcome to An Inside Look of Stephanie Beatriz's Los Angeles home. Stephanie wanted to create a space that felt welcoming, tranquil and relaxing, and we were thrilled to be part of achieving that goal.

Privacy Lined Drapery in Moon

Stephanie, an LA based actress with a career full of whirlwind moments and travel, knew it was important to her to have a home that allows her family to rest and reset before the next hectic cycle begins.

"I waited a while after we moved in to decide on window treatments. A few times I wanted to throw something up just to block the light that was coming in, but I'm glad I didn't. Letting all that light in, living in the space, understanding where we needed more privacy and seeing how the spaces in our house functioned with people in them was so helpful. By the time we were ready to take the plunge, it was easy to decide what kind of window treatments we needed and where!"


Privacy Lined Drapery in Storm

She describes her design style as modern Scandinavian with cozy and soft elements mixed with toys and trinkets from her adorable toddler. Stephanie pulled inspiration from Hlx Island House in Puerto Rico, designed by John Hlx and resonated with his way of creating simple and undemanding environments allowing leeway for personal interpretation and inspiration.

Additionally, she stumbled upon an Everhem photo that became another source of inspiration for the home. When it came time to choosing her window treatments, we were the only option.

"A photo of Everhem window treatments was one of the reference images I used for what I wanted our house to feel like. I brainstormed a list of how I wanted to feel in the house and then searched for images that gave me the feeling. Lo and behold, Everhem was one of the strongest for me. In fact, the large glass doors in our bedroom and the Everhem window treatment on them are very similar to that image and they give me an incredibly peaceful feeling everyday when I wake up to see them! I wanted the space to feel like we could let the outside world fade away and retreat to a home that allows us to incubate creatively"

Blackout Drapery and Roman Shades in Bone

We love how Stephanie mixed and matched our window treatments throughout her home. She used Unlined Woven Woods in Onyx in the kitchen to add texture and dimension, and paired Privacy Lined Drapery in Storm and Roman Shades in Oyster Trim in the den, creating a true oasis.

Unlined Woven Woods in Onyx
Privacy lined Drapery in Storm | Roman Shades in Oyster Trim

"Lightness and brightness in a space is vital to me. The openness; it's amazing to be sharing the different spaces together while doing things separately, like working on a project while my kiddo plays and my husband, Brad, cooks breakfast in the kitchen! The colors in my space make me feel really happy. I love the soft white, grey, creamy pinks and sage greens."

While it was nearly impossible for her to pick a favorite room, she ultimately landed on their bedroom. As someone always on-the-go, she wanted to create a space that felt both luxurious and homey. Like your favorite hotel room where everything is just right. She selected Blackout Drapery and Roman Shades in Bone to brighten and complement the space.

Blackout Drapery and Roman Shades in Bone

We absolutely loved working with Stephanie and being able to share An Inside Look! Be sure to keep an eye out for her in the Twisting Metal series premiering later this year!

Thank you for following along, and we'll see you next time!