Hem Sweet Hem: An Inside Look of Leah Bradley's Home

Welcome to An Inside Look of Leah Bradley's Costa Mesa home. Keep reading to see how Leah transforms her space with our Malibu Woven Woods to keep it feeling like a beachy oasis.

Blackout Malibu Woven Woods in Bluff

"Growing up in the surf culture, I have always been so inspired by the beach and ocean." - Leah Bradley

We worked with Leah to pick the perfect window treatments for her children’s bedrooms, ultimately going with our deeper shade Dune from the Malibu Collection.

Blackout Malibu Woven Woods in Dune

The Malibu Collection effortlessly tied in with Leah’s beachy chic style and her love of the outdoors.

"We love having it feel like you've almost stepped into the ‘60s skate and surf scene when you come inside." - Leah Bradley

"I've always wanted my home to feel like I've never left the beach in an elevated way. I fell in love with Everhem’s Malibu Collection as it doesn't take away from the views of the lush green plants outside, but instead brings the outside in." - Leah Bradley

Blackout Malibu Woven Woods in Bluff

When we first connected with Leah, she described her style as beachy, fun and comfortable. Her ultimate goal was to find the missing element to her home that could tie in the outdoors and remind her of the sandy beaches just steps from her home.

"Bluff and Dune from the Malibu Woven Woods Collection are obviously my favorites, but I also love Sand and Birch from the Essentials Collection!" - Leah Bradley

Blackout Malibu Woven Woods in Dune

One of our favorite parts about working with Leah was that she discovered us through a friend!

"A good friend of mine posted about her Everhem shades, and I was HOOKED. I hadn't committed to shades before as I didn't feel they fit our home, but when I saw the Malibu Woven Woods collection, I was sold. It's like they were made specifically for our space." - Leah bradley

"The Everhem experience was nothing but amazing! Everyone was so kind and thoughtful. I loved the attention to detail and level of knowledge everyone seemed to have. The window treatments arrived in perfect condition and the quality far exceeded my expectations. I don't know how I've lived so long without them." - Leah Bradley

Blackout Malibu Woven Woods in Bluff

"I love how all the spaces flow so well here, so much thought has gone into how to use each corner of our home. From every room in the house there are many beautiful views into the outside spaces we love and use so much." - Leah Bradley

Thanks for following along our Inside Look. Until next time!