Hem Sweet Hem, An Inside Look of Haley's Childhood Home

We're giving you An Inside Look of a house very close to home for founder Haley because it literally is her childhood home!  Follow along for a tour of her parents' bathroom remodels led by design company Lynden Lane Co.

Left, Seashell Woven Woods | Right, Khaki Woven Woods

"I am excited to share An Inside Look on this particular project because it is very near and dear to my heart. Welcome to my parents' home, the house I grew up in and holds the most memories of my childhood days." - Haley Weidenbaum, Founder of Everhem

Everhem had the privilege of working with The Lynden Lane Co., a family run interior design company, on a few projects. We learned first hand how carefully crafted and well designed they create their spaces, and Haley immediately recommended them to her parents since she has left her Interior Design days behind focusing fully on Everhem.

Left, Seashell Woven Woods | Right, CMO (Client's Own Material) Fabric by Schumacher

"Each bathroom was connected to a space with its own personality. We leaned into the unique character of each room to inspire the design for the en-suite bathroom." - The Lynden Lane Co.

We went with Woven Woods in Seashell and Khaki in two separate bathrooms. The Woven Woods brought texture and a natural finish to the spaces.

In addition to Woven Woods, the Lynden Lane Co. used COM, which is available exclusively for our Everhem Trade members. COM allowed for more playful patterned fabrics to compliment the space.

CMO | Fabric by Schumacher

When it was time to choose the window treatments, Everhem and The Lynden Lane Co. exchanged ideas, reviewed fabric options and ultimately landed on very harmonious and beautiful window treatment designs.

"To us, a space feels special when it feels curated,  each piece has its own story, there's a mix of custom and heirloom, and everything comes together to create a layered design. To our clients, it is when the space feels like the most elevated version of themselves." - The Lynden Lane Co.

Learn more about the Lynden Lane Co. experience with Everhem and in the design world with our Q & A.

Q: How would you define your design style?

A: As a family of designers, we offer a cross-generational perspective that transcends trends and supports livability.

Q: How did you discover Everhem?

A: We met through a mutual friend and I was drawn to their ease of use and quality of materials.

Q: Where or who do you draw inspiration from?

A: We draw inspiration from everything from a fashion show, to a piece of art, to a menu at a restaurant, to our favorite hotel lobby.

Q: What are window treatment tips that guided you on this project and others?

A: We first have to know how the room is going to be used to know how much light we want to let in the room and if it is more decorative or functional. Then we look at the design and how they can enhance the space.

Thanks for following along our Inside look. Until next time!