Hem Sweet Hem: An Inside Look of a Spanish Revival Style Home

We're sharing an Inside Look of the this stunning Hem Sweet Hem where we worked with interior designer, Ashley Zohar, and home owner, also Ashley, to Everhem this beautifully decorated Spanish revival style house. Dream team, Ashley and Ashley, worked with Everhem to provide the finishing touch in every room - window treatments!

Everhem Drapery & Roman Shades, Photographer | Jessica Alexander

"When we first saw the house we knew the aesthetic was perfect for us. We called quickly on our good friend and amazing interior designer Ashley Zohar to help furnish the house and turn it into home in a short amount of time." - Ashley A, Home Owner

We suggested the use of Drapery in a neutral fabric combined with clean tailored pleats to give the family and living room a welcoming yet refined look. Using Drapery and Roman Shades in the living spaces also allows the light to filter through in a glowy and magical way.

Everhem Drapery & Roman Shades, Photographer | Jessica Alexander

"We also reached out to our other incredibly talented friend Hannah Shargal, founder of EEMA, for our daughter’s bedroom and playroom. Hannah immediately connected us with Haley and the Everhem team for all things window treatments to complete every room in our house. " - Ashley

Privacy Lined Roman Shades soften the space while providing a sense of privacy in the playroom while Black Out Lined Roman Shades allow for a beautiful way to create the desired darkness for a nursery or bedroom.

Everhem Black Out Roman Shades, EEMA Studio Nursery, Photographer | Jessica Alexander

"It was such a pleasure getting to work with my close friends on this project. Furnishing the house was really enjoyable as Ash fully entrusted me with the design and shares similar taste." - Ashley Z, Interior Designer

We used Woven Woods exclusively in the kitchen to create a warm and natural space. The kitchen’s light wood custom cabinetry, concrete slab countertops and clean square backsplash pairs perfectly with our Khaki Woven Woods.

Everhem Woven Woods, Photographer | Jessica Alexander

"We love working on a project where the connecting factor throughout the home is Everhem. Ashley, Ashley and Hannah all trusted us to be the finishing touch in nearly every room." Haley, Everhem Founder

"This dream team of chic, talented women turned out to be the perfect trio to work with. The three of them perfectly complimented the house’s natural light with neutral fabrics and warm tones. Most importantly, everyone was a delight to work with!" Ashley A, Home Owner

Everhem Black Out Roman Shades, Photographer | Jessica Alexander

Everhem Privacy Lined Roman Shades, Photographer | Jessica Alexander