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At Everhem, we are dedicated to simplifying the world of custom window treatments while elevating the possibilities of interior design. We are excited to unveil our new and improved website, designed with your shopping experience and creative inspiration in mind. Let's take a journey through the enhanced features and offerings that await you.

Easier Than Ever to Shop

Navigating our website is now more effortless than ever. You'll find an intuitive interface that makes shopping for your perfect window treatments a breeze. Whether you're a design enthusiast or a seasoned homeowner, our new website caters to your needs.

Swatches Galore: Every Fabric at Your Fingertips

We understand that choosing the right fabric is essential to your design vision. That's why we've introduced our new swatches feature on the homepage. Now, you have access to every Everhem fabric and textile, right at your fingertips. Explore available fabrics for Drapery, Cafe Curtains, Roman Shades, and Woven Woods effortlessly. Finding the ideal material for your space has never been easier.

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Everhem Guides: Your Comprehensive Resource

Embarking on a design project often comes with questions and considerations. That's where our Everhem Guides come in. These comprehensive resources cover everything you need to know about Everhem Window Treatments. From design tips and measuring guidelines to ordering assistance and installation insights, our guides are here to empower you every step of the way.

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New & Improved Inspiration & Blog

Creativity thrives on inspiration, and our newly revamped Inspiration & Blog section is designed to ignite your imagination. Dive into our blog to discover tips on designing your space, selecting the perfect color palettes, and styling your custom Everhem window treatments. It's your go-to source for design inspiration and expert advice.

Design Expertise at Your Fingertips

Sometimes, achieving the perfect look requires a guiding hand. That's why we've made it easier than ever to connect with our design experts. You can now book a consultation, ensuring that your design journey is not just smooth but also tailored to your unique vision. With our assistance, you'll achieve a harmonious transformation that seamlessly integrates with your space.

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Get Exploring!

At Everhem, we believe that every space has the potential to be extraordinary. Our new and improved website is your gateway to elevated design. Whether you're seeking the perfect window treatments, valuable resources, or expert guidance, we are here to empower your design journey.

Explore our website, discover the array of swatches, delve into our comprehensive guides, and get inspired through our blog. With Everhem, your design dreams are just a click away. Welcome to a world where design excellence meets effortless elegance, all at your fingertips.

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