Everhem's Tips to a Perfect Nursery

When it comes to your little ones, creating a nursery that is calming and safe is a top priority. Window treatments can play an important part in making sure nap time is as restful as it can be. Everhem has a few tips to offer you when shopping for the best options. Besides layered window treatments (Blackout Roman Shades paired with Blackout Drapery), Choosing Front Shade Operation could also be an option in helping block light for your nursery.

Blackout Woven Woods in Bluff paired with Blackout Drapery in Petal Stripe

Choosing Front Shade Operation means the Shade will lie closer to the window's glass when closed to help prevent any light leaking through the sides of the shade. The cord of the shade will be visible when drawn fully closed for easy access and a valance will be added.

Woven Woods in Khaki with Front Shade Operation

Front Shade Operation is an option for both Everhem Roman Shades and Woven Woods. You'll also still have the ability choose whether you'd like inside or outside mounting. Completely customize your window treatments all from the Everhem website and create a nursery that will help your baby (and you) get some much needed rest!