Everhem in Cameron Rogers' Minimalist Home

Cameron Rogers is sharing a peek of all the Everhem in her home! Cameron focused on creating consistency within her space with Everhem fitting seamlessly within her beautiful, minimalist design.

Cameron fell in love with Pebble from the Essentials collection and decided to have it throughout her main space to add to her open floor plan and overall interior design.

Privacy Lined Drapery in Pebble for the living room
Swatch of Pebble from the Essentials collection

"We chose to keep our window treatments within the general design goal of our house, which is on the more minimalist side, and try to remain somewhat consistent throughout all of the rooms."

-Cameron Rogers

Chain Loop Privacy Roman Shades in Pebble in the bar area

For the bedroom and nursery, Cameron went with a Motorized Roman Shades in Blackout Bone. Adding the luxury of motorization was a special touch to each room but also provided a layer of safety in the nursery without a cord or chain for her baby to play with.

Motorized Blackout Roman Shades in Bone in the nursery

Bone effortlessly went with each room's color scheme and enhanced the overall space.

"What I love most about our Everhem window treatments is their functionality and the way that they appear simple at an eye's glance, yet they have massively upgraded our space."

-Cameron Rogers

Motorized Blackout Roman Shades in Bone in the nursery
Swatch of Bone from the Essentials collection

"I went with Everhem because I really wanted custom window treatments that felt like an extension of our home and I loved the fabric options that Everhem offered. Specifically, I loved that it was a small company and owned by a husband and wife."

-Cameron Rogers

Motorized Blackout Roman Shades in Pebble for the primary bedroom

Sticking with her neutral theme, Cameron added a Roman Shade in our Birch as the finishing touch to her office! Birch is the perfect neutral with earthy tones and a deeper palette.

Privacy Roman Shades in Birch for the office
Swatch of Birch from the Essentials collection

"Working with Everhem was incredible! Amazing customer service and an A+ product."

-Cameron Rogers

Privacy Roman Shades in Pebble the play room

Cameron is a content creator, podcast host and incredible mama who enjoys sharing her journey through motherhood and reminding her community the importance of mental health. She's expecting her second baby in the fall and can't wait to complete her dream home! We love the way she incorporated Everhem and how it brought each space together.