Designer Spotlight: The Lynden Lane Co.

Photo by Katherine Ann Rose

Where are you based? Do you offer virtual design services?

We are Southern California based. We work heavily within Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as with virtual clients across the country.

Why Interior Design?

Your home should be a sanctuary - a place for a deep exhale. As designers, we are driven to create curated environments whether it be for an event or a home. We are always on the search for the perfect fabric, vintage tray, the comfiest couch, lighting that is beautiful and functional, all of the details that create a balanced, welcoming space.

Photo by Stetten Wilson

How would you define your design style?

Our designs are a harmonious combination of comfortable and elevated. We want our clients to love their beautiful space, but not feel afraid to sit down, put their feet up, and have a glass of wine.

Photo by Stetten Wilson

Where or who do you draw inspiration from?

The Lynden Lane Co. was started by a team of a mother and her two daughters who together believe: that perfection is not always perfect; that balance creates art; that proportion matters; a home is meant to be lived and loved in; that a couch should be as comfy to take a nap on as it is beautiful: your lifestyle dictates our designs not the other way around. We believe style and design are, or should be, inherent in everything you do.

Photo by Stetten Wilson

What is something you see your clients struggle with most when it comes to designing their homes?

Clients ten to struggle with combining their interests and styles into a consistent, cohesive design theme throughout the house.

Photo by Stetten Wilson

How do you tackle Window Treatments and what are some tips that have helped you figure out the perfect Window Treatments for your projects?

Window Treatments make a HUGE difference. They are often overlooked or underestimated - but are very important nonetheless. Once we help our clients realize their importance, we bring on the pros (like Everhem) to help us complete the look of the room.

Photo by Stetten Wilson

What are your favorite colors/fabrics Everhem offers? What room in a home would you style them in and why?

We love all naturals, neutrals and shades and blue. This color palette looks lovely in any room of the house.

What is something you’re looking forward to in the next year both personally and professionally?

Designing projects in our own homes, welcoming a baby, and (hopefully!) traveling to Italy!