Designer Spotlight: Ariel Okin Interiors

Where are you based? Do you offer virtual design services?

We are based in New York, we do not offer virtual design services.

Why Interior Design?

I love designing spaces for our clients, I feel like we get to create the movie set where they live their lives and create their memories, and that feels really special.

How would you define your design style?

Traditional with a contemporary twist.

Ariel Okin, Interior Designer Donna Dotan, Photographer | MiekeTen Have Stylist

Where or who do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere! Nature, vintage design books that I collect, fashion, etc.

What is something you see your clients struggle with most when it comes to designing their homes?

Space planning and making sure everything feels cohesive.

How do you tackle Window Treatments and what are some tips that have helped you figure out the perfect Window Treatments for your projects?

We often layer an outside mounted woven roman with drapery panels on either side. The layering makes a space feel cozier, and it's great for extra light filtering in a bedroom if both the roman and the drapery panels are blackout. We like outside mounting and mounting at the top of the wall just under the crown molding to make the windows and ceilings feel taller.

Ariel Okin, Interior Designer | Donna Dotan, Photographer MiekeTen Have Stylist

What are your favorite colors/fabrics Everhem offers? What room in a home would you style them in and why?

We use Magnolia and Cloud frequently in all of the different fabric weights – they are such great whites, and are truly versatile in any room of the house. The woven woods are also a favorite!

What is something you’re looking forward to in the next year both personally and professionally?

Personally, I am excited to see my daughter grow and learn this year, and professionally I am so excited about all of the new projects we recently signed!