An Inside Look with Sarah Sherman Samuel

In the realm of interior design, few names shine as brightly as Sarah Sherman Samuel. With a signature style that seamlessly blends modern sophistication with rustic warmth, Sarah has captured the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide. Recently, Sarah embarked on a remarkable project: her own showhouse. Everhem, lent its expertise to craft the perfect window treatments. Let's take an exclusive inside look into Sarah Sherman Samuel's creative process and her collaboration with Everhem.

Drapery in Sand

A Glimpse into Sarah's World:

Based in the picturesque city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sarah Sherman Samuel draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes that surround her. Sarah describes her design style as "uncontrived yet refined." She explains, "I always say it has a modern style with a warm touch and is deeply inspired by nature and its irregularities with a deep appreciation for history." This unique blend of elements sets Sarah's designs apart, infusing each space with a sense of timeless elegance and soulful charm.

Drapery in Sand

Nature -The Ultimate Muse:

For Sarah, nature serves as the ultimate muse—an endless wellspring of inspiration that shapes her creative vision. "Nature is always and forever the driving force of inspiration for my work," she shares. With the showhouse project, Sarah sought to bring the beauty of the natural world indoors. "We brought the surroundings inside," she explains. "We used natural materials—warm woods, stones, earthy colors, etc.—and added large windows everywhere." By embracing the organic textures and earthy tones of nature, Sarah created spaces that feel both inviting and rejuvenating, with natural light streaming in to illuminate every corner.

Drapery in Sand

The Soul of a Space:

What makes a space truly special to Sarah? It's all about the stories behind the objects that inhabit it. "Adding in objects with stories, like vintage treasures and anything homemade, imbues a space with soul," she explains. "There's a slight imperfection, and you know that a human is behind it, and you feel that connection to the human." By infusing each space with pieces that have a rich history and personal significance, Sarah creates environments that feel lived-in and authentic—a true reflection of the individuals who inhabit them.

Drapery in Sand

Inspiration from Near and Far:

Sarah's creative journey is fueled by her love of travel and her deep connection to the natural world. "Travel and nature are the biggest sources of inspiration," she reveals. From exploring the vibrant streets of Miami to soaking in the historic charm of European cities, Sarah finds inspiration in the diverse cultures and architectural styles she encounters along her journeys. And while her home state of Michigan may lack the grandeur of ancient landmarks, Sarah finds endless beauty in its ever-changing landscapes and dramatic seasons.

Drapery in Sand

The Everhem Experience:

Sarah Sherman Samuel's collaboration with Everhem is a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship. "Drapery tends to be the problem child of every project," she admits. "But Everhem has made that process smoother than ever." What drew Sarah to Everhem was not just their exceptional products but also their attention to detail and commitment to personalization. "What I love about Everhem is their hardware choices (specifically the ¾”  in curved return) and their well-edited fabric selection," she shares.

Drapery in Sand

Looking Ahead:

As Sarah looks to the future, she is filled with excitement for her projects on the horizon. "So many great things in the works!" she exclaims. From collaborating on an outdoor collection with Lulu and Georgia to embarking on a project to restore a 100-year-old Italian home, Sarah's passion for design knows no bounds.

Sarah Sherman Samuel has created spaces that transcend trends and capture the essence of timeless elegance. As Sarah continues to push the boundaries of design innovation, we can't wait to see what magic she'll create next.