An Inside Look of Kelli Lamb's Home for Rue Magazine

Follow along our Inside Look of Kelli Lamb's Spanish revival home for Rue Magazine!

Kelli's main goal was to modernize her space in a way that brought out her personal style and stayed true to the original home. After updating the flooring she decided to tackle window treatments with Everhem's help!

Box Pleat Drapery in Bone | Photo by: Amy Bartlam

She said goodbye to paper blinds and old sheets on her windows and decided she needed window treatments with a custom fit.

"Like all of the elements in our home, we wanted to choose something that would have longevity versus a quick fix, so we worked withto create window treatments that were tailor-made for our windows"

-Kelli Lamb

In her living room, Kelli chose a Drapery and Woven Woods combination that offered her both privacy and a high-end feel. She chose Drapery in Bone and Woven Woods in Chestnut to accent the natural hardwood flooring. Her husband, Tim, loved the way it reminded him of a beautiful hotel!

Drapery in Bone paired with Woven Woods in Chestnut | Photo by: Amy Bartlam for Rue Magazine

In the bedroom she went with Blackout Roman Shades in Birch. Kelli wanted Blackout Lining to make sure she could always have a great night's sleep!

Blackout Roman Shades in Birch | Photo by: Amy Bartlam

Kelli used Everhem as her finishing touches to make her office space her own. She went with Drapery and a Roman Shade in Rose to add a colorful hue that "dresses" up the room.

Kelli wanted her Drapery to provide an architectural element to her space but didn't want to give up natural light. In addition to Drapery in Rose, she chose our Sheers in Moon as a way to have privacy from neighbors and let in filtered sunlight all at once!

Drapery in Rose paired with Sheers in Moon | Photo by: Amy Bartlam
Roman Shades in Rose | Photo by: Amy Bartlam

We are thrilled to be a part of this charming Spanish revival home. Read more on how Kelli created her forever home. Thank you for following along our Inside Look! See you next time...