An Inside Look Into Lauren Lane’s Beautiful Nashville Home

Welcome to an inside look at Lauren's stunning Nashville home. Lauren, a seasoned interior design enthusiast, sought out Haley Weidenbaum, our founder and interior designer behind Everhem, to help bring her window treatment goals to life.

With a penchant for mixing styles, Lauren's house blends traditional and modern elements with a hint of California-inspired flair. A neutral palette of warm browns and earthy hues anchors the space, while her unique art and vintage rugs provide pops of personality. Throughout, Everhem's custom window treatments tie the rooms together, adding both style and functionality.

Lauren’s Living Room featuring: Drapery in Bone Sheers and Woven Woods in Chestnut

Lauren's connection with Haley began when RoomSecret designed her primary bedroom, incorporating Everhem's drapes and shades. Impressed by the transformation, Lauren and her husband wanted to bring Everhem's designs to the rest of their home. "Our window treatments have truly made our house feel like a home. They’ve brought so much character and warmth into our space."

Lauren’s Main Bedroom featuring: Drapery in Moon Essentials and Woven Woods in Chestnut

Lauren's vision for her home was driven by a desire to evoke feelings of comfort and authenticity. "I wanted our home to feel like a home," Lauren says, "to be light and contemporary but also emulate vintage themes and lived-in character." She also emphasized the importance of functionality for their young family. With a focus on open-concept and comfortable living areas, Lauren created spaces that accommodate their lifestyle without compromising aesthetics.

Haley Weidenbaum, the co-founder and CEO of Everhem, draws inspiration from the natural beauty of sunlight. For Lauren's home, Haley chose sheer window treatments to maximize the amount of sunlight flooding into the rooms while still providing privacy. Her decision to stick with a neutral palette came from a desire to create timeless designs that complement any style. "Window treatments aren’t meant to be the 'star of the show' in a home," Haley explains. "They are meant to complement or enhance the environment."

Lauren’s Dining Room featuring: Sheers in Pebble

One of the standout rooms in Lauren's house is the dining area, which Haley describes as a masterclass in refined rusticity. Wainscoted walls painted in a refreshing green-gray neutral, exposed wood beams, and a natural wood table are complemented by chairs with leather backs and linen seats. Everhem's Pebble Sheers cover the nearly floor-length windows, adding to the room's serene atmosphere. Eclectic touches like a muted Persian rug and a bistro-style chandelier round out Lauren's unique take on authentic comfort.

Haley's top design tips for homeowners include making a space truly their own, prioritizing flow and functionality, and understanding how they use the space daily. "Try to get a sense of the flow and functionality of a space before committing to any major design decisions," Haley advises. For big-ticket items, she suggests going neutral and timeless without being boring. As for window treatments, Haley believes they should be a priority. "Putting initial thought, planning, and budget into drapery or shades is essential for your home, both from a functionality perspective and a cohesive design perspective."

Lauren's Nashville home is a shining example of how custom window treatments can transform a living space, adding warmth, character, and function. Everhem's curated assortment, designer expertise, and personalized approach have helped Lauren achieve a home that feels inviting and authentic while meeting the needs of her young family.

Lauren’s Childrens’ Room featuring: Roman Shades in Sand Essentials (Flat, Blackout, Inside Mount, Cord Lock, Shade Operation Front)

Whether you're embarking on a new design project or seeking to refresh an existing space, consider the transformative impact of custom window treatments. As Lauren's experience with Everhem shows, thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship can help create a living space that reflects your personal style while enhancing comfort and functionality.

Need help finding the perfect inspiration? Our team of experts can help you elevate your home's windows, transforming your living space into a cozy sanctuary just like Lauren’s. Explore our curated offerings and discover the magic of custom window treatments.