5 Ways to Infuse Holiday Spirit With Your Window Treatments

Does the holiday season feel merry and bright yet? It’s time to get there. Step one is to dust off the family menorah or go out and buy that big green tree. Next, swap out the covers on your throw pillows, hang festive towels in all the bathrooms and light a few cinnamon-scented candles. Now, you’re getting closer, but there’s one last décor trick that will make a significant difference: get your window treatments holiday-ready.


This doesn’t necessarily mean changing your drapery completely (though the season might be a good excuse to do so). What I’m talking about is preparing your windows in a way that brings the holiday spirit alive in your home.  


Holiday Decorating: Why Window Treatments Matter  


There are so many benefits of window treatments, but some are specifically eye-opening during the holidays. After all, your windows are the pass-through between your home and the outside world. Leverage them to highlight your home’s best features in a way that is infinitely tasteful and delightfully spirited.


Use your holiday window treatments to:


Set the Mood

Window treatments are a major element in your home’s overall interior design. Because of their large presence, they help set the tone. If you haven’t yet outfitted your windows, the holidays are the best time. You can use drapery to make your home feel formal for sit-down family dinners or cozy for unwrapping presents by the fire.


Whatever mood you want to create, Everhem offers a wide selection of drapery and woven wood and Roman shades to help you accomplish the holiday home of your dreams.


Create Warmth

Your home loses heat through windows and doors, which means the right drapery can, literally, help warm up the space. By providing a layer of insulation, window treatments are a smart addition to your home, especially during the cooler months.


Of course, they also lend a warm design aesthetic. Consider a set of tailored Roman shades covering the windows of your eat-in-kitchen. You instantly feel at ease knowing the shade provides privacy while your family gathers around. It’s like a thick blanket tucking you in nice and tight.   

Everhem linen drapery & woven woods make this living room cozy for the holidays
Erin paired neutral drapery with earth-toned woven woods, so it looks pulled together all year long. Photo credit: @francois_et_moi

Make a Lasting Impression

A bare window is like a white wall; it’s screaming for a little love. Without window treatments, you run the risk of your home looking bland and unfinished. By simply adding linen drapes, you instantly round out the design. And as any professional will tell you, a well-thought-out interior has the power to amaze.  


This holiday season, make sure every room is dressed to impress. Everhem can help you choose the right window treatments based on your home’s design style and the effect you’re trying to create in each space. A living room window, for instance, will likely be bigger and more dramatic than a bedroom or kitchen window.


5 Ways to Add Holiday Flair to Window Treatments


Are you ready to try your hand at holiday-izing your window treatments? Here are five ideas that will spark the spirit!


1. Clean your drapes

Okay, so this isn’t a holiday-specific décor tip. However, cleaning drapery before friends and family come over is just a smart move, in general. You’ll already be scrubbing the house until it’s spotless. You might as well take this opportunity to get your window treatments in order. Your curtains will not only appear crisper and more vibrant, but you’ll get rid of any embarrassing dust bunnies that have clung to the fabric.


2. Accent with drapery tie-backs

Tying back your drapery serves two functions. For one, it lets natural light flood your home and gives you a peek outside at the fall leaves changing colors and white snow blanketing the ground. Showing off Mother Nature’s view is like adding a work of art to your walls.


Secondly, curtain tie-backs work as a decorative accessory in your space. That modest touch of metal, glass or ceramic hardware is an elegant décor choice. It shows that you pay attention to the finer details.


The best part is that you can find an array of options to fit your home’s personality – from butterfly motifs to more classic finials. I highly recommend choosing a tie back that fits your year-round design theme. From there, you can infuse the holiday spirit by using the knobs or rods to string pine cones, add a red bow or even hang your Christmas stockings.  


3. Add greenery, string lights or ornaments

Tying back your drapes or pulling up your shades also allows you to create your own picture-perfect wall art. With pleated fabric panels flanking either side of your windows, you get a soft, oversized frame that can be used to highlight your holiday decorations. 

All you have to do is add a little greenery, a string of lights or a series of ornaments at varying heights. Take a page from home-styling expert Erin Francois of the Handmade Modern Home blog. She created her own Nordic-style Christmas window decorations with a very simple wreath she made herself with just a few craft-store buys. The DIY candle wreath doesn’t take up much of the window pane and leaves plenty of room for her to enjoy the winter views.

Holiday window treatments can be as simple as pulling up the drapes and hanging a homemade wreath
This interior designer opened up her woven woods to show off a festive ring of greenery.
Photo credit: @francois_et_moi

4. Place candles in the sill

Candles are classic Christmas window decorations. In the U.S., the tradition dates back to the mid-seventeenth century when Catholic families left a candle burning in the window to let priests know they were welcomed in their home. While the gesture is not as symbolic as it once was, placing candles in your windowsill is still a worthwhile décor element. Flickering candles – even flameless ones – give off the kind of yellow glow that warms your soul.

There are a couple ways you can play up this effect. You can use those decorative tie-backs to keep your curtains open, so the candles are front and center. Or, you can hang linen sheers in your windows and let the drapery diffuse the light. This technique adds a little more storybook drama to your interior, amping up the holiday spirit. If you go that route, though, be sure to use battery operated candles for obvious safety reasons.


5. Change the color palette

Do you change your throw pillows and focus on a certain color palette for the holidays? You can do the same with your window treatments. When you stay within the same type of window covering, you can easily swap out the panels for a new color. I’m not suggesting you run out and buy red velvet curtains or buy fabric with a buffalo check. It’s still important that you stay within your home’s overall design style.


Everhem’s selection of neutral-toned linen drapes are sure to keep your home looking clean, modern and stylish. For instance, our Agave color is soothing, but lends a little punch of unsuspecting greenery. Of course, if your drapery is already rich in color, you could use this time to lighten up the space. Our Cloud and Magnolia are lovely shades of white that mirror the jubilance of fresh snow.  


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to create holiday-ready window treatments. Of course, we would say hanging high-quality window coverings is THE most important holiday decorating tip. But if you haven’t gotten there yet, we’re happy to guide you through the process. Reach out at, and we’ll help get your home primed for the holiday season.