3 Reasons Why Window Treatments Are the Most Important Décor Decision You’ll Make

When decorating a home, most people put the focus on furnishings and wall color, as these are some of the easiest changes you can make. But if that means you’re letting window treatments become an after-thought, your design will fail. Think about it: The fabric you choose for your drapery is the one décor feature that influences both the inside and outside of your home. 

And it’s not just an aesthetic upgrade. When you choose window treatments based on your home’s design style, you achieve a sense of comfort and enjoyment that even a sectional sofa simply can’t live up to. 

Hard to believe? Let me prove it to you. 

Why Window Treatments Are More Important Than You Think 

1. Window Treatments Save You Money 

Saving money is important for everyone, especially to the new homeowner who’s still adjusting to mortgage payments, home owner’s association fees and insurance premiums. Sound familiar? Then you should probably prioritize quality window treatments that can conserve energy costs. 

By covering the spaces with direct access to the outdoors, window treatments block heat and cold from seeping inside your home. Even a minor draft can alter the interior temperature and force your heating system to work harder than necessary. This is a significant problem in older homes, which are rich in character but poorly insulated. 

That said, modern construction is not impermeable. In newer homes, the midday sun is the major culprit. As it pours into your home, the sun heats up your space and, therefore, drives up your air conditioning bill. 

Everhem linen Roman shades drawn open to let light inside a modern living room
Roman shades can be easily adjusted to let in light and warm your living room on a cold winter day. 

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With window treatments, you can prevent all that. In fact, you can use window coverings to adjust your home’s temperature room-by-room. Perhaps, you want the living room to radiate with the sun’s rays, but you prefer the bedrooms stay shaded. You can make those adjustments with just the pull of a cord. 

For even more control, consider layering your window treatments. A set of Roman shades tucked under linen drapery not only looks elegant, but proves to be functional. For instance, when you want a touch of natural light but not direct exposure, you can open the shades and close the drapes. Or, if you need more protection from the sun, pull down the shades and close the drapes – you’ll get double the coverage. 

2. Window Treatments Provide Privacy 

Think about when you travel. Do you stop your newspaper delivery and ask a neighbor to bring in your mail? If you’re gone for a couple weeks, you’d probably have a friend drive your car around – anything to show signs of activity. Indeed, these are all smart, protective maneuvers. Unfortunately, none of them matter if you don’t have window treatments. 

Window treatments create a barrier between your personal space and the outside world. With the curtains drawn, unwanted onlookers won’t be able to peek inside your home and track your every move. If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, I don’t know what will. 

Of course, privacy matters just as much – if not more -- when you’re actually at home. Imagine stepping out of the shower or getting dressed in your bedroom with a clear view outside. These are the kinds of intimate moments that beg for window coverings, so you may feel comfortable living in the place you call home. 

Two layers of window treatments creates exceptional privacy in a grand master bedroom
Adding layers of drapery lets you decide how much privacy you need in your master bedroom.

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To create privacy throughout your home, you’ll want to steer clear of sheers and choose a fabric with some slight density or a lining (privacy or blackout). Linen and linen blends are the perfect weight, because they let in a hint of light but still block sight lines from the outside. 

Woven wood shades are another good choice for privacy, particularly in your bathrooms, where you don’t need total darkness. Your bedrooms and front-facing living rooms, on the other hand, might require more coverage. In those spaces, add layers or opt for a blackout lining on your drapery. 

At Everhem, we can add a lining to almost any of our custom window treatments. Blackout linings are a popular add-on for all bedroom window treatments, but they’re especially beneficial in nursery designs, where privacy and sun-blocking are of utmost importance. 

3. Window Treatments Elevate Your Home’s Décor 

If Mona Lisa didn’t have eyes, the painting would look unfinished. There would be a very obvious missing piece, just as there would be if you didn’t have window treatments in your home. These panels of fabric do so much more than block sunlight and nosy passersby. 

From a visual perspective, window treatments can be charming, elegant and even theatrical. For one, they frame your windows in a way that draws attention to them. This is most useful in home with arched windows or other architectural details that are worth exaggerating. 

Window treatments also do a beautiful job of softening the tone of a space. Imagine a room with hardwood floors and zero furniture. By simply hanging curtains, you add warmth and invite people in. Should you want to infuse a little drama, you can always use floor-to-ceiling drapes. They mimic the excitement of a theatre curtain call and instantly elevate the ambience. 

Everhem’s linen drapes and woven woods cover three side-by-side windows in a neutral-theme bedroom
The combination of woven wood shades and linen drapes creates texture and interest in a neutral color palette. 

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Of course, you don’t have to go to great (fabric) lengths to enhance your home’s décor. Even relaxed Roman shades can be an impactful design choice. It’s all about the style of your home and the tone you want to create in each space. In fact, style and tone will be your first considerations when shopping for window treatments

If you’re not sure how to match your window treatments to your personal style, consult an interior design professional. At Everhem, we’ve worked with a variety of personalities and preferences, so we know how to adapt to your needs. 

Not to mention, our custom-made Everhem window treatments are designed to be everlasting. Our high-quality linen fabrics and woven woods offer timeless sophistication that complements all décor styles – from traditional to modern. 

Want to see your home come to life? Contact us today at hello@everhem.com for any and all design questions; we will be happy to guide you. We know that once you have window treatments, you’ll never not have them again.