10 Direct-to-Consumer Brands That Everyone Will Have in Their Home in 2020

The direct-to-consumer industry exploded in 2019, with so many different brands entering the marketplace offering everything from totally organic mattresses and kitchen necessities to custom furniture and textiles. Most of these brands have one key thing in common: they hope to simplify our lives by offering superior quality at a lower price by cutting out the middleman.

They are also enabling more people to custom-design their home furnishings, a luxury that was once reserved for those with a bountiful budget. While most of us are already sleeping on Brooklinen sheets or a Casper mattress, by the end of the year it is likely you are going to be ordering everything for your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom from DTC companies—including paint.

Here are ten direct-to-consumer brands that are going to blow up in 2020.

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